Pushes metrics using the StatsD protocol. Supported tagging formats are 'legacy', 'none', 'datadog' and 'influxdb'.

prefix: benthos
address: localhost:4040
flush_period: 100ms
tag_format: legacy

The underlying client library has recently been updated in order to support tagging. The tag format 'legacy' is default and causes Benthos to continue using the old library in order to preserve backwards compatibility.

The legacy library aggregated timing metrics, so dashboards and alerts may need to be updated when migrating to the new library.

The 'network' field is deprecated and scheduled for removal. If you currently rely on sending Statsd metrics over TCP and want it to be supported long term please raise an issue.



string A string prefix to add to all metrics.


string The address to send metrics to.


string The time interval between metrics flushes.


string Metrics tagging is supported in a variety of formats. The format 'legacy' is a special case that forces Benthos to use a deprecated library for backwards compatibility.

Options are: none, datadog, influxdb, legacy.