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Host endpoints (/metrics and /stats) for Prometheus scraping.

# Common config fields, showing default values
prometheus: {}
mapping: ""



Whether to export timing metrics as a histogram, if false a summary is used instead. When exporting histogram timings the delta values are converted from nanoseconds into seconds in order to better fit within bucket definitions. For more information on histograms and summaries refer to:

Type: bool
Default: false
Requires version 3.63.0 or newer


Timing metrics histogram buckets (in seconds). If left empty defaults to DefBuckets ( Applicable when use_histogram_timing is set to true.

Type: array
Default: []
Requires version 3.63.0 or newer


A list of timing metrics summary buckets (as quantiles). Applicable when use_histogram_timing is set to false.

Type: array
Default: [{"error":0.05,"quantile":0.5},{"error":0.01,"quantile":0.9},{"error":0.001,"quantile":0.99}]
Requires version 4.23.0 or newer

# Examples

- error: 0.05
quantile: 0.5
- error: 0.01
quantile: 0.9
- error: 0.001
quantile: 0.99


Quantile value.

Type: float
Default: 0


Permissible margin of error for quantile calculations. Precise calculations in a streaming context (without prior knowledge of the full dataset) can be resource-intensive. To balance accuracy with computational efficiency, an error margin is introduced. For instance, if the 90th quantile (0.9) is determined to be 100ms with a 1% error margin (0.01), the true value will fall within the [99ms, 101ms] range.)

Type: float
Default: 0


Whether to export process metrics such as CPU and memory usage in addition to Benthos metrics.

Type: bool
Default: false


Whether to export Go runtime metrics such as GC pauses in addition to Benthos metrics.

Type: bool
Default: false


An optional Push Gateway URL to push metrics to.

Type: string


The period of time between each push when sending metrics to a Push Gateway.

Type: string


An identifier for push jobs.

Type: string
Default: "benthos_push"


The Basic Authentication credentials.

Type: object


The Basic Authentication username.

Type: string
Default: ""


The Basic Authentication password.


This field contains sensitive information that usually shouldn't be added to a config directly, read our secrets page for more info.

Type: string
Default: ""


An optional file path to write all prometheus metrics on service shutdown.

Type: string
Default: ""

Push Gateway

The field push_url is optional and when set will trigger a push of metrics to a Prometheus Push Gateway once Benthos shuts down. It is also possible to specify a push_interval which results in periodic pushes.

The Push Gateway is useful for when Benthos instances are short lived. Do not include the "/metrics/jobs/..." path in the push URL.

If the Push Gateway requires HTTP Basic Authentication it can be configured with push_basic_auth.