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This component is experimental and therefore subject to change or removal outside of major version releases.

Reads and decodes Parquet files into a stream of structured messages.

Introduced in version 4.8.0.

# Common config fields, showing default values
label: ""
paths: [] # No default (required)

This input uses, which is itself experimental. Therefore changes could be made into how this processor functions outside of major version releases.

By default any BYTE_ARRAY or FIXED_LEN_BYTE_ARRAY value will be extracted as a byte slice ([]byte) unless the logical type is UTF8, in which case they are extracted as a string (string).

When a value extracted as a byte slice exists within a document which is later JSON serialized by default it will be base 64 encoded into strings, which is the default for arbitrary data fields. It is possible to convert these binary values to strings (or other data types) using Bloblang transformations such as = or ="hex"), etc.



A list of file paths to read from. Each file will be read sequentially until the list is exhausted, at which point the input will close. Glob patterns are supported, including super globs (double star).

Type: array

# Examples

paths: /tmp/foo.parquet

paths: /tmp/bar/*.parquet

paths: /tmp/data/**/*.parquet


Optionally process records in batches. This can help to speed up the consumption of exceptionally large files. When the end of the file is reached the remaining records are processed as a (potentially smaller) batch.

Type: int
Default: 1