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This component is experimental and therefore subject to change or removal outside of major version releases.

Consumes messages posted in a Discord channel.

# Common config fields, showing default values
label: ""
channel_id: ""
bot_token: ""
poll_period: 1m
limit: 100
cache: ""

This input works by polling the /channels/{channel_id}/messages Discord API endpoint authenticated as a bot using token based authentication. The ID of the newest message consumed is stored in a cache in order to paginate results, ideally this cache should be persisted across restarts in order for the service to resume where it left off.



A discord channel ID to consume messages from.

Type: string


A bot token used for authentication.

Type: string


The length of time (as a duration string) to wait between each poll for new messages. This field can be set empty, in which case requests are made at the limit set by the rate limit. This field also supports cron expressions.

Type: string
Default: "1m"


The maximum number of messages to receive in a single request.

Type: int
Default: 100


A cache resource to use for request pagination, the ID of the last message received will be stored in this cache and used for subsequent requests.

Type: string


The key identifier used when storing the ID of the last message received.

Type: string
Default: "last_message_id"


An optional rate limit resource to restrict API requests with.

Type: string
Default: ""