Parses a message as a JSON blob and attempts to apply a JMESPath expression to it, expecting a boolean result. If the response is true the condition passes, otherwise it does not.

query: ""

Please refer to the JMESPath website for information and tutorials regarding the syntax of expressions.



string A JMESPath query.

# Examples
query: foo == 'bar'
query: length(doc.urls) > `0`


number The index of a message within a batch to test the condition against. This field is only applicable when batching messages at the input level.

Indexes can be negative, and if so the part will be selected from the end counting backwards starting from -1.


With the following config:

query: a == 'foo'

If the initial jmespaths of part 0 were:

"a": "foo"

Then the condition would pass.

JMESPath is traditionally used for mutating JSON, in order to do this please instead use the jmespath processor.