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路 4 min read

I need help, attention and affirmation, and therefore it's time for a development update. Around five months ago I posted a roadmap for Benthos v4 that included some utterly unattainable goals that only a super human could achieve.

Now that most of those features are ready to test, namely a new plugins API and config templating, I'm looking for people to try them out and give feedback. Please read on if that sounds like fun to you, or also if it doesn't sound fun but you intend to do it anyway.

路 7 min read

Benthos has been at major version 3 for over a year now, and I consider it to be a pretty cool achievement that given all the dope features added we've managed to keep both the Benthos config spec and APIs fully backwards compatible.

However, eventually it would be nice to cut a new major release and prune all of the dead weight that has accumulated during this time. Since major version releases don't come often I wanted to be sure that we've considered and planned any other potential breaking changes that could be bundled along with it.

路 4 min read

For the last few weeks I've been working on improving the workflow story in Benthos. That means reducing the number of processors, simplifying them, and at the same time making them more powerful than before. The new functionality outlined here can be used in the latest release v3.26.0.

路 5 min read

For the last few weekends I've been dipping my toes in a mapping language design that I'm calling Bloblang. Bloblang is specifically designed for data queries and (eventually) structural data mappings. In Benthos version 3.12, which I'm planning to release today, you can play around with a limited feature set of Bloblang by using it in function interpolations.